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“Our quick story begins with resolving my wife’s health challenges by simply focusing on nutritious whole foods and diet changes. The best way for us to do this was to eat local and organic––little of which is reflected in today’s cooking television shows and media. Inspired by the power of food, I decided to parlay my award-winning career in action sports and adventure filmmaking into creating Foodterra. Foodterra focuses on the importance of knowing your food, supporting local and connecting the nutritional and environmental rewards of organic and regenerative food choices.” – Arden Oksanen

Foodterra leaves the chef centered, studio kitchen behind and takes the viewer on a journey to discover stunning locations, experience where their food comes from, meet and learn from the passionate food producers behind it, and the importance of eating and cooking locally. Introducing viewers not only to delicious seasonally inspired recipes– cooked and served outside in the settings ingredients come from––but to the impact food choices have on health, communities and the environment.

A Weekly Web Series

Season 1 Cooking Through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

A weekly web series, that empowers viewers to embrace their CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) abundance by providing ingredient focused, seasonal recipes and simple techniques for food preparation, planning, cooking and storage.

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Farm To Table Recipes

Farm to table, seasonal, local and ingredient focused cooking

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